"We have worked twice with Craig Murdick on projects at our home with very positive results. Our first project involved an addition that nearly doubled the size of our home in Clintonville. In preparation of our first meeting with Craig we identified seven things we wanted to accomplish. Some were basic (an additional bedroom, etc.) while others fell in the "wouldn't it be cool" category (second floor balcony off the master suite). I felt we would be lucky to get 4 of our wishes given our budget we were working with. Craig was able to develop a design that met the budget and addressed all seven of our wishes. The project went very well and although our budget grew slightly during the course of the project we were very satisfied with the design and the results of the project."

"Several years later, we decided to finish our basement into a more usable space. Craig developed a very creative plan that maximized floor space, hid water heaters, furnaces, gas meters, etc, and allowed the basement to be a very attractive space for our children. Once again, our expectations were exceeded and Craig was always available during the construction portion of the project."

"If we ever did another project, the first person I would call would be Craig Murdick."


"We worked with Craig Murdick on a major addition to our historic property. There are many challenges when attempting to blend into a century-and-a-half-old structure. We found Craig to be very easy to work with, professional, and he did an excellent job incorporating the features we wanted into a design that was attractive and also maintained the historic integrity of the existing house. I would recommend his services to anyone and would be happy to work with him in the future."


"Craig is a very talented architect who was attuned to our needs and committed to excellence."

Cy and Linda
Upper Arlington

"Our company has had an outstanding relationship with Craig Murdick. He has been a true professional when it comes to providing architectural services. Craig has the ability to look at a site with a creative approach, provide a layout that is economically sensible, and provide excellent design talent for our projects. He is accessible, a pleasure to work with, and has exceeded our expectations in the architectural design field."

Bob Weiler
The Robert Weiler Company

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