I’ve been involved in commercial projects ranging from the design of a 400-unit multi-family apartment complex to designing smaller commercial buildings. I’ve also contributed to renovations that include the repair of a fire-damaged building,and the renovation of an historic 4-unit apartment complex.

One of the greatest challenges of commercial and multi-family projects is keeping all of the participants on the same page. I bring to every project the ability to pull together a team of consultants to efficiently execute the development of the project and maintain continuity throughout.

In addition to providing design, I help facilitate decision-making and provide open communication so everyone involved is informed. All projects, large and small, require this kind of attention to detail.

To get a sense for what’s possible, please view my portfolio of commercial and multi-family projects.

If you’re considering commercial development, and not yet ready to initiate design, I also provide consulting services that can help provide clarity and direction before you make the investment.

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